Eva Jonah Slegers

Room to Move (2019)

Selfish Factory (2018)

Phony (2017)

Dusthack China (2017)

Expand (2016)

Urban living space has proved to be an incredibly unstable commodity. Urbanisation causes living spaces to become increasingly smaller and less affordable. Trends such as micro-apartments and tower blocks show us a course of continual streamlining, systemising and micro-managing of living spaces and the cities surrounding them. This raises the question: Are our ideas on urban living space no longer viable? Given that these spaces are becoming less and less suitable for the activities they were originally intended for, one could question the precondition of owning our own living space.


Room To Move showcases a scenario in which living spaces have been abrogated and fragmented into public structures. Being aware of an increasing amount of things being taken out of the living space nowadays, the project provides a superlative that challenges our existing preconditions. By focusing on sleep, one of the key activities within a living space, a system is visualised which facilitates sleep as a collective activity, instead of a private one.








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