Eva Jonah Slegers

Room to Move (2019)

Selfish Factory (2018)

Phony (2017)

Dusthack China (2017)

Expand (2016)

Dusthack was a two-week workshop in Jingdezhen, China that focused on re-thinking, re-doing and re-searching the past, present and future of porcelain clay through experiencing context, craft and local skills. Together with 10 students we worked in the studio, visited industry and craftsmanship to develop new insights. I focused on combining unbaked porcelain tableware with new layers of liquid porcelain clay. During the drying process of these new layers, cracks emerge due to the different densities of the porcelain. This came out of my fascination with the strange contrast between the perfection of the town's craftsmanship and its chaotic landscape.







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